Investing in Second Suites & Garden Suites

Ever wondered if you could convert your basement into a legal rental apartment? Do you want to purchase a house and turn it into an income property? Not sure where to start? Well we can help! We will help you find the perfect property (or if you already have one) and team you up with an amazing local company founded in 2015 that can assist you with EVERY STEP in creating a legal income property with a second or even third income suite.

Don’t like the thought of sharing your home? Then how about a Garden suite? Many Ontario municipalities will be allowing garden suites to existing properties as an exciting new housing opportunity for homeowners and investors to add a fully separate detached housing unit in their OWN yards. YES, THAT’S RIGHT, you may be able to add an auxiliary income producing dwelling without having to buy any additional property AND do so without the traditional hurdles and costs associated with development.

Whether you simply want a consultation to provide you with ideas and an analysis of your property, or if you require design, permit drawings, city communication, reno coaching and the full package of property management during the renovation we can help you get rolling with an option to suit whatever your needs may be!

Call us today so you don’t miss a tremendous opportunity to not only profit from your real estate investment but to also provide a great, much needed housing option for local communities. If you currently have a sizable outdoor property, or would like help to find the perfect investment home give us a call at 416-616-2484 and we would be happy to help!

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